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Our Story

EmilBrand Products Premium Hand and Nail cleaner has been developed and refined for almost 30 years by Emil Careau. Emil has a passion to help hard working people to keep their hands clean. Dirty hands are inevitable from some of the most important jobs we do, but clean hands are now possible no matter what kind of dirt, grease, or grime you encounter. Emil knows that perceptions are influenced by what others think when they see dirty hands and it makes a difference in how they view you, plus he understands that clean hands impact our health. Simple, clean, healthy living is extremely important to Emil and he wants to help others stay healthy with clean hands.

30 years ago, Emil was sitting enjoying his meal when he was approached by a lady asking him to help her with a problem she was having with her car. He asked her, "How did you know that I'm a mechanic?" She responded, "I could tell by looking at your hands." Emil was happy to help the lady but he looked down at his hands and felt embarrassed.  He hated to eat with hands that had ground in grease so deep that no soap could get it out. He was tired of having rough, dry and cracked hands after a hard day of work. Emil emphatically declared at that moment that he would develop a product that actually worked to get the grease and grime residue out of his skin and provide a way to have clean, healthy hands. He decided to make it his mission to come up with the best hand and nail cleaner any mechanic had ever used.

Emil's relentless pursuit of a superior product that really works great, is safe to use on your skin, and actually improves your skin led him to produce EmilBrand Premium Hand and Nail cleaner.  The hardest working soap you've ever seen without removing your skin's natural protective oil, giving you soft and clean hands. If you want the best possible product to keep your hands clean and healthy, that won't dry your hands out and cause painful cracking, then you need EmilBrand Premium Hand and Nail cleaner.  And guess what? It also cleans grease and dirt out of your clothes, and off carpet, and so much more.  You'll have fun discovering all the great ways you can clean your home and auto with EmilBrand Premium Hand and Nail cleaner.

As a fellow hard working mechanic, Emil wants to help you remove stubborn grease and grime from your hands.  Once you try it and see what a difference it makes you will be asking why haven't I heard of this before? It will improve your life and your relationships! Give it a try and tell us what you think!